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drumKAT/Turbo/DK10 Stands

Gibraltar GEMS drumKAT stand

16.5-inch mounting arms with adjustable stoppers give ample mounting space to handle most electronics and mount to the 1.5" T bar located at the top of the stand. Arms fold up for easy transport.

Also a perfect stand for the malletKAT Express

Gibraltar GEMS Rack Stand

Dixon 910s Stand

Dixon 910S stand

This heavy-duty cymbal stand comes with DKB mounting bracket.

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DK-1000 Extension for drumKAT/DK10

DK-1000 Extension Arm

17" long extension arm that will attach to the DKB mounting bracket. (If you need the DKB bracket (on this page) there will be an option to add it to your cart)

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DKB KAT Mounting  Bracket

DKB Mounting Bracket.

The drumKAT Mounting Bracket (DKB) can be used to easily mount the drumKAT, drumKAT EZ, DK10 and midiKITI to the DK-1000 stand. It can also be used with multi-clamps and rack clamps that accommodate the 7/8" shaft. drumKAT DKBs can also be used to mount the malletKAT.

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