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Small in size. Big in sound.

The sounds inside the GIGKAT are the same sounds that are in the malletKAT 7KS and the trapKAT 5KS. This built in sound module comes from Kurzweil Music Systems and are essentially the same sounds that are in their legendary PC3 keyboards.

A full featured, professional synthesizer module

There are over 1000 melodic instruments built in. All the sounds that you need and want. Everything from keyboards, basses, synths, orchestral sounds and more. But because this was designed for the malletKAT, there are over 15 vibraphones, and 15 marimbas, plus bells, xylophone, timpani, chimes, orchestral percussion, ethnic percussion and more. BTW, there isn't a better sounding vibraphone sample available on any hardware sound module regardless of price.

The sounds don't stop there. A new chip has been added to this card which now includes a new drum sound library. These are beautiful sounding drum sets, with realistic sounding hihats, and cymbals (and yes, they ring for 8 seconds). With the new poly-exclusive hihat mode built into the trapKAT, hihat playing sounds real without the dreaded machine gun effect heard on other dedicated drum modules. There are about 250 complete drumsets and percussion built into the GIGKAT.

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Where's the knobs and faders?

Take a look at the GIGKAT and you will notice no knobs or buttons other than the volume control buttons. That is because access to all of the sounds in this module are performed by sending a Bank and Program Change to the unit. We deliberately built this module this way in order to deliver an incredibly fantastic sounding module at a very, very low price.

The GIGKAT is multi-timbral. This means that it can play on different MIDI channels at the same time. Just send the appropriate Bank and Program Change on each channel, and the GIGKAT will play multiple sounds simultaneously. If you are using just one instrument at a time, it is best to default to channel one. The multi effects built into the GIGKAT start on channel one and continue to send effects on the other MIDI channels until its' resources run out.

Seamless integration with the malletKAT, trapKAT XL, and drumKAT Turbo

The sounds in our Kurzweil Sound Engine are so amazing, we want every KAT owner to experience them!!

To make the GIGKAT an even more unbelievable value, we will give away the latest KS Series software chip for your KAT instrument FREE at the time of purchase. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars on software upgrades, all for the modest price of this unit.

When malletKAT, trapKAT, or drumKAT Turbo owners install this new chip (and reinitialize their instruments), the GIGKAT becomes a turn key sound module with NO programming required. The User Kits will automatically display the names of the sounds. It's as if the sounds were built into the unit.

See our upgrades section for all the options you have available for your current KAT instrument!

Acts as a Secondary sound source for nearly all MIDI controllers and keyboards

For non KAT owners, if your keyboard can send out Bank and Program Changes, then the GIGKAT is for you!