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Today the eHAT has arrived, I have placed and tested ... IT IS JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! Works perfectly, reliably and accurately; I love! Thank you very much for your attention and for solving all my doubts. GOOD JOB!!!

Thank you! Your company's Customer Support continues to be awesome.
I tried the simplest thing first (air under the pad), and it's working fine!
Roughly a year ago, I was panicking because the MalletKAT was spontaneously changing to a piano voice in the middle of playing. The lady who answered the phone then told me to replace the internal backup battery. Sure enough, $2.99 and a half-hour later, everything was good.
So thank you for making such a great and unique instrument. My community orchestra conductor thanks you too. And thank you again for your wonderful customer support.

“The latency reduction with GigKAT is so significant that my playing improved—especially with kick drum. Previously, I’d been using drum software on my laptop with the buffer cranked down to 32K…which didn’t feel slow until I made the switch. It’s like I snuck in six months of practice somewhere. Thanks, guys!”

I got my MalletKat last week and have put it through my own testing process. This thing is simply astounding. Practically brings tears of joy to eyes! Everything about this instrument is incredibly well thought out. I only regret not buying it years ago. You're a genius!

Just wanted to let you know that the jamKAT/DITI combo is a great product.
I love it! And I am just getting started!

I've been learning how to use my MalletKat over the last few months and started thinking a little outside the box. Thanks for making such a diverse, programmable and responsive instrument. It changes everything.

Thanks so much for the fix it job on my DK10..I tested it and it's running swimmingly!!! But I want to especially point out how much I dig the new sticker you put on the back jack panel...The person who did it went above and beyond and it is totally noticed. Thanks again.

The Trapkat never stops amazing me. What a powerful instrument! It works beautifully with the Roland Integra 7.

I've loved my original drumkat ever since I bought it in 1990. It finally stopped working after an unbelievable 23 years of operation! In that same time, I've gone through multiple amps, mixers, recording decks, 7 generations of computers and countless versions of effects and recording software. My drumkat was the one consistent and reliable piece of my rig the whole time. I now keep it in a trophy cabinet; can't bear to recycle it or throw it away. :-)

I now thoroughly enjoy the drumkat and malletkat grand I bought last year. I'm so excited to add another drumkat and to add the trapkat into my rig.

Thank you and your company for absolutely outstanding, long-lived, durable and road-worthy products and thank you as well for your outstanding service!

We all love the Malletkat. This year it has ushered in a huge change to the way we think about tuned percussion. We have used it at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash Uni, Hamer Hall and even for a local Parish fete, out on the grass oval last week.
We have been able to leave our Timps at school and our Chimes haven’t left the college grounds all year! My initial thoughts were for the sole purpose of pit work, but it has certainly been so much more than that. The most important addition to our percussion dept I can remember.
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