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Alternate Mode is proud to announce its latest jamKAT controller in the KAT/ Alternate Mode line.


Alternate Mode is proud to announce the jamKAT'R. Based on the original jamKAT, the jamKAT'R offers 7 more FSR trigger zones built on the neck of the instrument. The "banjo" style layout of the instrument when attached on a concert snare drum stand allows for easy access to playing the instrument standing up. The jamKAT'R plugs directly into the DITI MIDI Controller. Built in kits on the DITI allows the player to instantly enjoy the melodic and rhythmic possibilities that this combination offers.


Alternate Mode is proud to announce several industry legends, drummer /percussion artists, already in the KAT family, Danny Gottlieb, Wil Calhoun, and Futureman Roy Wooten where the jamKAT'R will now be used.