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KAT KT-100 Electronic Drum Set

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The KT-100 sports a competitive price but doesn’t sacrifice on the features. In particular, it comes with a kick tower and a rack that stands up with the best of them. Includes 2-zone snare and three single-zone toms that feature high-quality pads for perfect response.The snare’s 8” surface is big enough that it won’t make you feel like you’re playing on a cocktail kit. The cymbals are single-zone and include a hi-hat, a crash and ride, all standard with choke. The kick tower, rather than a trigger, is not often found on entry level kits, and gives the player a realistic playing experience. And the kick pedal is included! The rack is quality built with extra bracing that it will stand up to a beating. A hi-hat control pedal comes standard.The drum module sampling covers most music styles and features 20 Factory Kits and 160 unique sounds. Its user-friendly coach function keeps track of all your progress and helps improve your skills. It’s simple and easy to use with features like metronome, rhythm, volume and reverb. Use the record function to capture ideas or beats at any time.



  • 1 Snare, 3 Toms, 1 Hi-Hat, 1 Crash, 1 Ride, 1 Hi-Hat Control, 1 Kick Tower, 1 Kick Pedal
  • Rack/Chasis - quality build and extra bracing - for even the heaviest of hitters
  • Large 8" Tom surface
  • 2 Zone Snare
  • Three single-zone toms
  • Single-zone hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals with choke
  • TAP/Metronome, Rhythm, Volume, Reverb Adjustment
  • 20 Factory Kits and 160 unique sounds in total


Kit Configuration
  Snare: 8" Rubber
  Tom 1-2-3: 8" Rubber
  Crash: 10" Single Zone
  Ride: 10" Single Zone
  Hi-Hat: 10" Single Zone
  Kick Tower: 10" Single Zone
Tone Generator
  Drum Kits: 20 preset kits
  Drum Instruments: 160 unique sounds
  Effects: Volume, Reverb
  Power Supply: DC 9V
  Carton Dimensions: 12.5(W) x 11.75(H) x 37(D) in
  Total Package Weight: 45lbs

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KAT KT-100 Electronic Drum Set

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