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For the last 35 years, we have been building and refining the malletKAT into the World's Greatest MIDI Mallet Controller . We proudly stand behind our reputation as the “Gold Standard” of electronic mallet percussion. Evolution in the marketplace is good. Competition in the marketplace is good particularly when you have a 35-year head start.


What Are You Waiting For?


Unmatched Sensitivity and Response Out of the Box...

Alternate Mode's exclusive Force-Sensitive Resistor (FSR) technology is what gives KAT instruments their renowned sensitivity from your favorite mallet or stick.

This sensor technology, combined with specialized pads, gives the bars of the malletKAT the most natural response to your playing style.


... or Fully Customizable For The Individual

Taking this a step further, our instruments can be “trained” in minutes to recognize softest and loudest hits – tailoring the instruments' response to your own personal dynamic range.


As Simple As You Need It To Be...

We want to set the record straight: The world's most powerful MIDI mallet controller does NOT require extensive MIDI knowledge.

malletKAT is compatible with iOS and Android devices Fully Compatible with iOS and Android Devices

Out of the box, your malletKAT is ready for performance or practice immediately! Simply connect the instrument to your favorite synth module, computer/DAW, or iOS/Android device**.

From the first moment you make sounds with your new malletKAT, you will see that it performs and responds to mallet playing techniques as an acoustic instrument would — including pedaling, dead-stroking, and dampening with a mallet or finger. Unlike an acoustic instrument, however, you can apply these techniques to piano, organ, electric guitar, violin, string bass, kazoo, hammer dulcimer, etc. ... Two additional foot controller pedal inputs can be utilized to quickly add to the expressiveness of your playing by controlling/adjusting MIDI volume (default for most kits, no programming required), pitch bend, vibrato, and others.


For the ultimate in minimal set-up and portability , add a pre-configured sound module and perform directly from your malletKAT to amp or speaker!

Your malletKAT comes with 256 pre-programmed user kits (128 customizable User Kits + 128 MIDI Factory Kits) specifically for the gigKAT GS or gigKAT 2 Sound Modules (sold separately). Great sounding vibes, marimbas, timpani, and standard percussion sounds are at your fingertips (NO programming knowledge required) – as well as easy access to over 1,000 others on the sound module!


malletKAT GS internal sound card

Looking For Something Even Simpler To Use?

The malletKAT GS combines the power of the malletKAT with it's own internal sound card.

Combined with 256 preset sounds, the malletKAT GS is ready to perform when you are with no programming necessary .


The malletKAT was conceived and designed by mallet percussionists, NOT engineers.

We are as passionate about our instruments as thousands of our loyal users are. You will benefit from over three decades of steady focus, discovery, and improvements to the malletKAT – resulting in numerous “under the hood” features, like Roll Modes to help prevent certain sound engines and software patches from sounding “machine gun” like, or Auto Gating to help limit note bleeding when playing faster melodic passages.

...While As Powerful As You Want It To Be.

Make Adjustments to MIDI Parameters Directly on the malletKAT in Seconds. No Additional Equipment Needed.

For those requiring maximum control over their sound patches, the most common configurable MIDI elements are accessible directly from the pads of your malletKAT – no external computer or software is required. Quickly make subtle adjustments and fine-tune your perfect sound without even putting your mallets down.

Quickly Layer, Combine, or Split Two Sound Patches Simultaneously.

Another popular and highly utilized feature of your malletKAT is its ability to layer two MIDI channels simultaneously. This is because each User Kit actually contains two separate MIDI controllers!

With these features activated, the performer can easily:

  • Harmonize a sound patch in octaves, fifths, or any other interval,
  • Smoothly transpose the octave range of your sound patch by depressing a footswitch,
  • Simultaneously play two separate sound patches in unison, octaves, or any other interval,
  • Split (or overlap) the top and bottom regions of your malletKAT at any range for separate (or partially shared) use of two sound patches,
  • Quickly switch between two sound patches with a footswitch.

As you might imagine, these easy-to-program features have become an absolute “must haves” for theatre percussionists in particular, who use their malletKATs for impossibly fast instrument changes or to double two-mallet parts at once.


Expand Your Creativity: Accompany Yourself Creatively With Melodic Modes

 To continue the concept of controlling two separate MIDI channels simultaneously, your malletKAT can also detect and differentiate between a chord and a single melody line. After setting up your user kit two control two separate channels (vibraphone and guitar, for example). Activate a melodic mode on your user kit to quickly create textures like playing guitar chords while simultaneously playing vibraphone melodies!


Save and Easily Recall Your Favorite Settings With 127 User-Definable Kits.

Save and recall all of your settings in one of 127 user-definable kits. A must for performance purposes, you can easily create a chain of only the user kits you need in either a setlist order, or as a looping list.


The malletKAT Is Not Just for Mallet Percussion...

Improvisational performers find the extended abilities of their malletKAT to control, manipulate, and combine sound patches into personally unique and interesting combinations essential to their creative expression. Go beyond the conventional auditory limits of the vibraphone, marimba, and xylophone and find your OWN voice using the mallet techniques you have spent years perfecting.


… Actually, The malletKAT Isn't Even Just for Mallet Players!

Among the other advanced features of your malletKAT is the ability to use your malletKAT as a Real Time Controller (RTC) for use in triggering loops, sound effects, fader, and mod wheel functions with popular performance software like Ableton Live. Compare the visual effect on your audience when using sweeping mallet gestures to pushing buttons.


Professional Grade: RUGGED and TOURWORTHY

Heavy Gauge Aluminum for extreme durability. While no musical instrument can survive excessive abuse, rest assured that your malletKAT can survive that unexpected drop or fall.
Resilient and Consistent Pad Surfaces. Your malletKAT pads are designed to take hard hits without losing integrity, while also protecting the sensors from these hard hits.
Water Resistant. Much like the rest of your audio equipment (speakers, DAW, iPad, etc...), your malletKAT is not supported for use in steady rain. But it can take a sprinkling, if you get stuck. The KATdome (sold separately) is a clear cover for your malletKAT to help keep it protected in conditions where some moisture is unavoidable.
Proven, Time Tested Durability. Used in shows world wide in the most professional environments, year after year, decade after decade.
Warranty, Customer Service And Upgrades – We Got You Covered.  Your malletKAT is hand assembled and thoroughly tested by percussionists upon ordering. Should you experience a rare issue, our controllers have a full one year warranty covering parts and labor.


Don't Hold Back. Own The Only Mallet Controller Limited Only By Your Creativity.

Purchasing a mallet controller is a significant investment. Like any significant investment, it requires careful consideration of what both your current needs and potential future needs might be. We are confident your malletKAT can evolve with you.

Your malletKAT can grow with your needs and demands as a digital performer.

It is our passion for expression that has fueled decades of devoted thought into the carefully designed features of your malletKAT.



Support and help is readily available .

We have provided unsurpassed customer support for thousands of malletKAT users.

Readily Available On the AlternateMode.com Website:

Product Manual Downloads
Product Software and Pre-Made Configurations (SysEx Files)
Dozens of Support and Training Videos. (also at YouTube)

On YouTube:

Product Demonstrations
Helpful Training Videos
Performance Tips

On Facebook:

The malletKAT/SPDSX Facebook Group has a thriving community of electronic percussionists willing to help share information and insight into the many ways they used their malletKAT instruments. You can always post a message on the Alternate Mode Facebook Page

At the Alternate Mode Factory:

Call Alternate Mode directly or any support or repair questions.


Different Base Sizes Provide Affordable Expandability for Every Performing Scenario


malletKAT Pro

malletKAT Pro

With an optimum combination of compact physical size spanning three octaves, the flagship malletKAT Pro ( malletKAT Pro GS ) is the instrument-of-choice for most professional uses where space may be a concern.



malletKAT Express

malletKAT Express

Small and light enough to mount on heavy duty snare drum stand, the highly portable malletKAT Express ( malletKAT Express GS ) offers full power in a small two octave footprint.


malletKAT Grand

malletKAT Grand

The elegant presence of the four octave malletKAT Grand ( malletKAT Grand GS ) is an obvious favorite among stage performers.




Octave Expanders

For ultimate flexibility, add an inexpensive Octave Expander (or two!) to your malletKAT to accommodate a greater amount of performance scenarios. (Pro and Grand models can be expanded to five total octaves, the Express can expand to four octaves)


All malletKAT purchases come with the following accessories included:

  • one sustain pedal,
  • one footswitch for accessing editing functions,
  • one standard MIDI cable for connecting to your favorite synth or audio module,


Made for each measure, the malletKAT is THE choice for professional percussionists, musicians, and composers for 35 years and counting .



So again we ask:

What Are You Waiting For?


buy a malletKAT today!Join the community of thousands of other happy and loyal malletKAT owners – professionals and novices alike – who have proclaimed the malletKAT as the World's Greatest MIDI Mallet Controller.

Yours is ready and waiting to be assembled.


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**iOS compatibility requires an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (sold separately)

**Android compatibility requires a USB converter (sold separately)