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MalletKAT PitPADs

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PitPADs for your MalletKAT

PitPADs is an amazing tool for seeing the bars in a dark environment. Before installing them on your MalletKAT, take a look at the "crinkle" effect" of the power dot on the pads. These crinkles have no negative effect on the playing surface. These PitPads make it much easier playing shows where light is never optimal. Don't worry about the sensitivity either. The MalletKAT's sensors are also fans of "PitPADs". Its worth the crinkle!

PitPADs are sold by the octave (12 pieces)

  • MalletKAT Expander (1 Octave)
  • MalletKAT Express 
  • MalletKAT Pro (3 Octaves)
  • MalletKAT Grand / VibeKAT (4 Octaves)
MalletKAT PitPADs

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