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MalletKAT PowerDots

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Power Dots for your MalletKAT


The Power Dot

  • protects the nuBounce pads and sensors
  • adds low end sensitivity (unbelievable but true)
  • creates a stiffer and more responsive surface, allowing a great feeling pad to feel even better

The MalletKAT now ships with the PowerDots included.

Installation Videos are included on the website.

PitPADs are sold by the octave (12 pieces)

  • MalletKAT Expander (1 Octave)
  • MalletKAT Express
  • MalletKAT Pro (3 Octaves)
  • MalletKAT Grand / VibeKAT (4 Octaves)

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MalletKAT PowerDots

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