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Protection for your malletKAT!
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Do YOU practice safe playing?

malletKAT clambuster
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clambusters on malletKAT
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There you are, happily playing your malletKAT at a gig or for your friends or even practicing, and *WHACK!* your mallet misses it's intended target and instead hits the metal in-between the keys. This can happen to the most experienced mallet players, including Mario DeCiutiis, which is why he created the Clam Busters. These light-grey pads stick to the malletKAT body in between each of the "black" keys, effectively eliminating any unwanted clams and smacking noises that may result from missing the keys while playing. A set comes with seven pads that are each 1/2" thick; 1 1/4" wide; 3 3/4" long, and includes instructions.

Set of ClamBusters (7 pads total)
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