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malletKAT Features



  • Great feeling neoprene rubber pads
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • "State of the art" true FSR sensors
  • Can be expanded to a full 5 octaves
  • Continually upgradeable


  • Adjusts to your own playing style
  • Realistic mallet dampening
  • Monophonic instrument mode
  • Reassignment modes for special tunings
  • Programmable foot controllers
  • Chain setups together for easier performance


  • Total MIDI control over drum machines, keyboards, lighting boards, etc.
  • Layer, split or "hang" modes
  • MIDI mixer built in (supports multiple bank, program & volume changes) per setup

Ease of Use

  • "Plug and play" capability
  • Quick setup
  • Easy to carry
  • Small "footprint"
  • Quick and simple editing

More Features

  • Chain Mode (allows setups to be stepped through in any order)
  • Foot control Kit Advance/Backup
  • Reassignment Mode (every pad can be assigned its own channel and note #)
  • Program Send (an additional Bank, Program Change, Volume and Channel for the Reassignment layer)
  • Internal Metronome with Tap Tempo Control
  • Pitchbend Sensitivity Adjustment (for each setup)
  • Fine Tuning
  • Dampening settings (Yes... you can dampen on the malletKAT!)
  • All Notes Off commands
  • MIDI Routing Screens
  • Auto Pad Threshold Reinitialization
  • Monophonic Note Overlap (bring those mono instruments to life)
  • Roll Mode (gets rid of that "machine gun effect on asst. sound sources")
  • 2 Split Points (have multiple instruments setup across the keyboard)
  • Auto Velocity to Gate Mode (effect the Gate time by how hard you play)

Software Version 6.1 Features

DEAD STROKING.. Captures the articulation gesture of a marimba Dead Stroke and translates these MIDI notes to a seperate channel (assigned to the Ressignment) DS can be delayed for special effects.

GROUP LATCH. Special Latch Mode allows for toggling of groups of notes for loop control or chord playing

MIDI NOTE FOOTSWITCH. Now you can assign up to four notes on either of the Foot Controllers outputs, using a footswitch to send out MIDI notes.

INDEPENDENT BANK CHANGE UPDATES. MSB/LSB and program change commands are now independent (program changes no longer force the bank changes to 0)

MIDI NOTES TO PROGRAM CHANGE. It is now possible to have every note on the malletKAT send out a specific program change. Great for MIDI light control

NEW USER KIT PRESETS. Choose between built in Kurzweil PC2r User Kits or the Yamaha Motif ES

REDESIGNED METRONOME. User defined MIDI note, channel, and tempo with over 20 preset rhythms

Software Version 7.1KS Features

DRUM KITS direct access to 128+ drumset and percussion patch sets in the Kurzweil Sound Engine.

DIGITAL DELAY MIDI delay with controllable tempo

USER KITS Presets available for the Kurzweil PC2R, Yamaha Motif and the new malletKAT Pro KS.

MULTIPLE BANK/PROGRAM CHANGES Now allows up to four independent changes per user kit.

MULTIPLE CONTROLLER RESASSIGNMENTS Note reassignments can occur on either Controller.

A Note to Owners of Older KAT instruments...

KAT instruments containing the KS Series Chips (malletKAT 7KS, trapKAT 5KS, drumKAT Turbo 4.5KS) still retain all of the software functionality for controlling external MIDI modules and sound sources. However, the additional software features included in the KS Series Chips are only accessible when using Alternate Mode's Kurzweil Sound Engine.

Standing by our long tradition of upgradability, owners of older instruments have several potential choices for upgrading their equipment to take advantage of our latest features including:
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