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malletKAT Purchasing Questions

--- Here is a comprehensive guide to buying a malletKAT or malletKAT Express---

What Comes With The malletKAT Pro?

    The malletKAT Pro is a three octave MIDI controller. It is shipped with an AC adapter, two footswitches, manuals, Video Help Desk and warranty card.

    You will need a sound source, a midi cable and a speaker or headphones. If you are using a computer as your sound source, you will also need a sound card/MIDI interface which may be PCI (installed inside), USB, or Firewire (both external). Read on for our recommendations in these areas. If you are using or plan to use a Receptor then the sound card is already built in and you just need to connect MIDI from the malletKAT to the Receptor, and then audio cables to your speaker(s) for true plug n play functionality.

What Comes With The malletKAT Express?

    The malletKAT EXPRESS is a two octave MIDI controller. It is shipped with an AC adapter, two footswitches, manuals, Video Help Desk and warranty card.

What Comes With The malletKAT Grand?

    The malletKAT GRAND is a four octave MIDI controller. It is shipped with an AC adapter, two footswitches, manuals, Video Help Desk and warranty card. It also comes with CLAMBUSTERS and a hard case for travel.

What Are The Difference Between The malletKAT, The malletKAT Grand, And The malletKAT Express?

    All of the malletKAT's are essentially the same. They share the same circuitry and software features. The current software version is now 6.1

    All of our malletKAT models are now made out of aluminum. Previous malletKAT Pro's were made out of steel and were much heavier. Our new aluminum formula has proved to be just as strong and road worthy but without the weight. Below is a list of the size and weight of the malletKATs.

    The malletKAT Express weights 9 pounds (add one pound for With Sounds model) Dimensions are: 32” length x 11 1/8” width x 1 5/8” depth.

    The malletKAT Pro weights 13 pounds (add one pound for With Sounds model) Dimensions are: 46 3/4” length x 11 1/8” width x 1 5/8” depth.

    The malletKAT Grand weights 18 pounds (add one pound for With Sounds model) Dimensions are: 61 5/8” length x 11 1/8 ” width x 1 5/8” depth. The case for the Grand weights 18 pounds.

    Expanders are additional octaves than can be added to a malletKAT. The Express can accommodate two Expanders allowing the unit to be up 4 octaves long. The malletKAT Pro can accommodate two Expanders allowing the unit to be up to 5 octaves long. The Grand can accommodate one Expander, allowing the unit to be up to 5 octaves long. The Express weights 3 pounds and is 14 7/8” in length.

How Do Expanders Connect To The malletKAT / Grand/ Express?

    The octave malletKAT Expander and Express Expander attach to the Controller with two strapping bars that screw into the back of the malletKAT or Express.The Expanders mount with the bottom screws that are already on the back of the unit.

    There are four screws on the back of the malletKAT that make this connection. It is not necessary to take the Expander apart while traveling. You can think of your malletKAT as a permanent 4 or 5 octave unit. The Expander also comes with a special cable that will connect to the Master octave of the malletKAT. The Expander strapping bars and cable connections are all part of the expander when ordering.

    There are videos online that will help you with the EXPANDERs and Connection Setups. There is also a free online VIDEO HELP DESK.

What Kind Of Power Supply Comes With The malletKAT?

    The malletKAT's adapter is a universal style DC power supply that will work automatically on both 110 and 220 AC voltage current. Only the appropriate power cord needs to be aquired.

    The malletKAT normally ships with the three prong American power cord.

    For International Sales, we ship the unit with a Euro 2 prong cord. We also have in stock the UK 3 prong cord.

    If you are traveling and need to have multiple cord configurations, you can order extra adapters on our website.

What Other Footswitches, Controller Pedals Do I Need?

    The malletKAT comes with two footswitches standard. There are however three footswitch inputs and two controller inputs. With the two footswitches supplied, you would connect one footswitch to the sustain one input (main sustain) and the other footswitch for the Edit input.

    Another footswitch would be needed if you want to control the malletKAT’s controller 2 functions. This allows the user to control two sounds at once. Getting an additional footswitch is HIGHLY recommended.

    If you use a third party footswitch, we recommend that you get a “normally opened” style footswitch. This way you will be able to switch this pedal between inputs while the malletKAT is on.

    There are two Foot Control Inputs on the malletKAT/ EXPRESS. Foot Controller pedals are different than footswitches because they track the position of the pedals lever (pedal board). These pedals are used for such things as volume, pitch bend, modulation, etc. I recommend that you purchase at least one of these. It’s nice to be able to change the volume of a sound without having to turn around to move a volume knob on your synth.

What Stand Can I Use?

    The malletKAT can work with any keyboard stand. We have several cross stands on our website. There are however some things to consider.

    If you are using an EXPRESS (with no expanders), you may use two DK-1000s to secure your instrument for playing.

    If you are purchasing a five octave unit, I do not recommend the X stand or the Yamaha stand. You should consider our malletKAT PRO stand. It is longer and makes for a sturdier stand, especially on the extreme ends of the malletKAT where the X stand would offer no underlying support. Again, if you are a heavy player and plan on using 4 octaves, this might be the best choice for you.

What Sound Modules Work With The malletKAT?

    The malletKAT will work with ANY MIDI sound module.

    There are two kinds of “kit configurations” in the malletKAT. There are 128 FACTORY Kits and 128 USER Kits in the malletKAT

    The FACTORY Kits in the malletKAT are designed to work automatically with any manufacture’s sound module that has the words GM on it. GM stands for General MIDI. What this means is that when you call up a kit on the malletKAT that says “marimba” on it for example, if your synth is GM compatible, you will automatically hear a marimba sound. This makes programming easy because all of the work is done for you. Just scroll through the sounds you want to play and go.

    The malletKAT also has USER Kits that you can name and program yourself to use with ANY sound module.

    When you first take your malletKAT out of the box, the USER Kits will be preset to work with the KURZWEIL PC-2R if the PC-2R was purchased through Alternate Mode. Before we ship the PC-2R, we take them out of the box and preload them with our kit configuration. This makes a complete turn key solution for the player because there is no programming involved. We love this sound module because in our opinion, it has the best vibes, marimba, timpani, percussion, etc in any one space module. This is the synth that I use on gigs, and have been recommending this module for years. It is highly recommended if you want to play vibe sounds often.

    If you didn't purchase the PC2R from us, you can download the SYS EX file on our website to get the Kurzweil User Kits that are pre-programmed for the malletKAT.

    We also pre-configure the Yamaha MOTIF ES and the KETRON SD2 to work right out of the box.

    If a malletKAT is purchased at the same time as the sound module, we supply the the appropriate CHIP that accommodates the sound module. The chips are as follows: Kurzweil PC2r = 6.1KP, the Yamaha Motif ES = 6.1Y, the Ketron = 6.1SD2. It is possible to obtain this chip after the malletKAT is purchased. You can also download from our website at any time the SYS EX data that will load the information onto the User Bank.

    A MIDI cable is included when a sound module is purchased through Alternate Mode. We also include our own instrument list sheets, plus SYS EX data files just in case you lose the settings in your sound module or if you purchased the sound module somewhere else.

What Other Accessories Might I Need?

    I tried just about everything out there. I believe the 102’s and 103’s that we sell on our website are the perfect sticks to use. Remember, it’s not really about the sound because the malletKAT doesn’t really care. It’s about the feel.

    I recommend rattan sticks (absorb the bounce better), a yarn head (not a rubber ball because it gets stuck when trying to dampen) and a shaft that is not too long.

    If you buy sticks from us and don’t like the way they feel, don’t worry, we’ll take them back. (see our return policy)

    These little pads prevent those little embarrassing moments when you miss a pad and slam your sticks on the malletKAT’s metal (between the black notes). Not that I would ever do that!! Click here

    There are three and four octave cases for the malletKAT. We sell two, three and four octave cases for the malletKAT Express. While these cases are really cool for local gigs, they are not designed for airline travel.

    When I fly, I use the Pelican 1750 Long case. We do not sell them, but these are the best for rugged use. You can jump on them. They are air tight, waterproof and even has wheels on them. Do a Google search for the best price. These cases might be overkill for your everyday one niter; this is why we sell the lighter cases.

    We carry the Samson Expedition XPL300 speakers. These speakers are powerful, light weight and sound great. They are self powered, has multiple inputs and effects built in. They also have wheels and a telescope handle.

What About Your Warranty?

    We offer warranty on our controllers for ONE YEAR PARTS and LABOR.

Customer Service?

    We are known for our excellent customer service. (Read the comments on our forum). We make every effort to be as available as possible. Yes, we personally check and answer our emails even on the weekend.

International Customs?

    For information on the Customs and VAT taxes for your country, please contact your local Federal Express Service Center. They will have accurate information regarding costs and custom procedures.

What Is Your Return Policy?

    We offer a 14 day in home trial on all of our products. If after two weeks you are for any reason not happy with your purchase we will accept a return and credit the full amount of the purchase less the shipping costs. You will need to call us for a Return Authorization number to return any products. Software and PA equipment are final sale, no returns.


    Don’t hesitate to email or call us if you have any further questions. We want you to be comfortable and happy before you purchase. Remember that purchasing our product brings you into the ever growing KAT family, and it is our goal to satisfy our customers.