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malletKAT 7KS

malletKAT 7 KS (Kurzweil Sounds)

The legendary malletKAT controller... paired at last with a superior internal sound card powered by Kurzweil Music Systems

Continuing with the long tradition of developing refinements and upgrades on our MIDI controllers (going back to 1980's with KAT Inc), we are proud to announce our latest — the new malletKAT 7 KS.

For years, we've have been looking for a suitable sound engine that we could use inside our malletKAT. As many of you know, the sounds in the malletKAT WS were just a basic General MIDI sound card. Serious players had to resort to using external sound modules. If only there was a better solution.

Finally, a better solution has come.

This new malletKAT 7 KS has a brand new sound engine developed by the world famous Kurzweil Music Systems. The sound set comes from their new PC3 sound library. Quality instruments.....hundreds of them..... now built right inside the malletKAT. We redesigned the amp board inside the malletKAT as well, so now the stereo audio outputs are professional quality balanced outputs with clean pure sound!

Hearing is believing Mario turned on the malletKAT and iMovie and just started playing and playing. Check out these videos. All seven videos from YouTube:
malletKAT KS Part 1
malletKAT KS Part 2
malletKAT KS Part 3
malletKAT KS Part 4
malletKAT KS Part 5
malletKAT KS Part 6
malletKAT KS Part 7

View KS User Kit Tour of Built-In Sounds!

These are just a sample of the instrument sounds on the new malletKAT. Notice that there is more than one vibraphone sound and marimba sound. Subtle indeed, just what the doctor ordered.

There is also a sound demo page on the website.
All patches found here are available on the 7 KS Sound Engine:

Click here for a PDF listing of all available sounds in the KS Sound Engine

New Software.....7.0

We wanted to spice up the software just a bit to add even more value to the malletKAT. The new software includes 128 User Kits preprogrammed for the new sound engine. That means, no programming, just go through the sounds and play. If you want to explore the other sound banks inside the KS, of course you can by using standard Bank Change and Program Change Commands. The new software also includes some cool new features.

Power to Warp Mode.... Now you can use the Warp Mode function to act as a MIDI delay. You can create lots of new cool effects having a delay on Controller two. Since most people never even tried the Warp Function, we thought the delay feature would tempt users to explore this interesting feature of the malletKAT. Soon, there will be new videos showing this feature on the website.

More Program Changes per KIT.... Users of the malletKAT have finally discovered just how powerful the malletKAT is when using it as a "control surface" or "DJ loop station". When using the malletKAT this way, just having three Program Changes per kit can sometimes be limiting. So we added more per User Kit.

A Note to Owners of Older KAT instruments...

KAT instruments containing the KS Series Chips (malletKAT 7KS, trapKAT 5KS, drumKAT Turbo 4.5KS) still retain all of the software functionality for controlling external MIDI modules and sound sources. However, the additional software features included in the KS Series Chips are only accessible when using Alternate Mode's Kurzweil Sound Engine.

Standing by our long tradition of upgradability, owners of older instruments have several potential choices for upgrading their equipment to take advantage of our latest features including:
Take the malletKAT tour

Looking to upgrade your current malletKAT to the malletKAT 7.0 KS? Click Here