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malletKAT Visual Editor

for PC, Mac, and iOS

Alternate Mode is extremely excited to offer its long anticipated FREE malletKAT Editor for the malletKAT Express, Pro, Grand and vibeKAT.

  • Customize your 128 USER kits with full screen views of Program Changes, Layers, Splits, Velocity Shifts, etc...
  • Drag-and-Drop MIDI Notes and Channels into the malletKAT Reassignment Layers
  • Create CHAINS of USER Kits with convenient pull-down menus.


We will be demoing the PC version of the Visual Editor at PASIC in Indianapolis, November 14-17.

Available for FREE DOWNLOAD SOON on the Alternate Mode Website!

PC Version of the malletKAT Visual Editor is now available for download.

Mac and iOS versions will be released for download on or before February 2019