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What is the panKAT?

The panKAT is the latest MIDI Controller created by Alternate Mode. Taking it's heart and soul directly from the malletKAT PRO v6, the panKAT offers all of the incredibly rich features of the malletKAT, and presents this power on an exciting new playing surface platform.

The panKAT has the same FSR sensing technology as the malletKAT as well as the refined sensitively and dynamics as its sister. It even feels and plays similar because it uses the same special neoprene on its surface. This means that you can play the panKAT with drum sticks, mallets and even steel pan sticks.

So, what is the panKAT? The panKAT is different things for different folks.


    Broadway Shows are starting to use the panKAT as a fantastic 30 pad toy center. On each pad of the panKAT, you can assign any sound via MIDI note numbers on any MIDI channel. This is perfect for setting up your percussion map for any type of show. Percussionists are using it for congas, bongos, as well as bass drum and cymbals. Because it is so light, drummers are also setting it up with their acoustic drum kit. The pads are large enough to strike comfortably, and the cool high tech arrangement and look of the pads are perfect for gigging. It is even possible to play notes on two footswitches.
    Just like the malletKAT, the panKAT can start and stop loops and even collection of loops with a single stroke. The panKAT can also send out control data so that you can control the knobs on your synth via MIDI just by striking the pads. It is the ultimate DJ controller because besides begin a powerful control surface, it can also play sounds on the same pads at the same time via a footswitch.


    Yes, the panKAT can be set up with the same pitch configuration as a standard steel drum. But it doesn't stop there. With just a touch of footswitch, the panKAT can instantly change its pitch configuration to many, many different note arrangements. C pan, D pan, Double Seconds, Cello, Lead, etc. are just the beginning. Now you can explore a steel pan layout set up in a chromatic scale, pentatonic scale, blues scale, minor scales, whole tone scales, GM drum layouts. You can even create you own layouts, change the octave with a touch of a pad. You can use the sustain pedal, pitch wheel pedals, virtual modulation wheel, etc.


    The panKAT offers the same dynamic training as the malletKAT so that you can tailor its response to your own playing style. You can control its velocity range, gate time settings and more. It's also possible to layer sounds as well, with its own performance settings. Of course you can send out multiple bank and program change commands on each of its 128 USER Kits.

malletKAT players will appreciate the User Interface on the panKAT. All of the features that you have come to expect on the malletKAT are there, organized in groups, making programming easier than ever! You can even set up CHAINs on the panKAT

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