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trapKAT 5KS (Kurzweil Sounds)

The legendary trapKAT controller... paired at last with a superior internal sound card powered by Kurzweil Music Systems

trapKAT 5 KS

Alternate Mode is proud to announce the release of the new trapKAT 5KS; a new trapKAT with built in sounds. This 24 pad drum controller features "Sounds powered by Kurzweil", a world renowned leader in keyboards and synthesizers.

The Kurzweil engine built into the trapKAT 5KS is a newly designed sound engine that features an incredible drum sound chip as well as the sound set from their new PC3 keyboard. There are over 256 drum sets and percussion setups. The trapKAT 5KS now includes beautiful, natural sounding drum sets as well as highly stylized drum sets and everything in between. There are also incredible orchestral percussion such as timpani, xylophone, marimba, bells, vibes, orch perc as well as ethnic percussion and more.

There are also over 1000 other sounds built into the trapKAT 5KS as well. These instruments are the same sounds that are now built into the malletKAT.  It is now also possible to play MIDI files directly into the trapKAT 5KS via its MIDI IN port. Now the band can really be in the box!  If you have a malletKAT, you can plug your instrument into the MIDI IN port and both can share the sound module as well.

Hearing is believing

trapKAT 5KS powered by Kurzweil
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A demonstration of available drum sounds:
A demonstration of available synth sounds:
Mario Demo

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More Info

The trapKAT 5KS has a pair of stereo 1/4" balanced outputs for the audio. It is possible to use just a single mono cable as well. The instrument also includes a pair of 1/4" inputs so that you can merge audio data to the outputs. This means that you can plug a CD player or some other audio source directly into the trapKAT 5KS and have both sources go the 1/4" headphone jack or audio outs.

The trapKAT 5KS uses the XL lighter frame. It's about 2/3rds less weight then the original trapKAT. We now also use a new playing material called nuBOUNCE. This is our most comfortable playing surface yet. NuBOUNCE is softer than the original rubber surface, but harder than the original neoprene that was used on the malletKAT and some trapKATs.

Kurzweil Internal Sound Card Info

We have received many questions regarding the sound card (Kurzweil Sound Engine) in the trapKAT.

What the Sound Card HAS
  • a great sounding TURN KEY module that has hundreds of complete drum sets covering many drumming styles
  • a sound module that we also use in the malletKAT.  It contains over 1000 fantastic non drum instruments including keyboards, basses, orchestral sounds and more.  It also has a wonderful selection of orchestral percussion including vibraphones, marimbas, timpani, bells, xylo, orch perc, ethnic percussion and more.
  • a sound card with special "drummer" features:
    • unique poly exclusive hihats
    • 8 pedal position  hihat control
    • cymbal choking
    • multi velocity layered snare drums (up to 4) and toms
    • ability to change the individual volumes on snares, toms, basses, hihats, and miscellaneous
    • ability to change overall pitch of a kit
    • ability to control Reverb and EFX settings
    • The ability to include up to 4 kits on a User Kit so that sounds can be mixed from Kit to Kit
    • Special Kits that have a collection of snares, basses, toms, etc for construction kit building
What the Sound Card does not have:
  • does not allow for ADSR control of individual sounds
  • does not allow for individual pitch control of a single sound

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