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trapKAT XL

trapKAT Upgrades

Bring new life to your old instrument

Do you have an older trapKAT? Consider a chip upgrade!

Current Version: 4.0 (5.0 [KS])

Software Version 5.0 of the trapKAT contains features that are exclusive to the Kurzweil Sound Card contained in the trapKAT 5KS and the GIGKAT.

A complete list of software features for this version appears on the trapKAT Features page.

Chip Upgrades are simple and easy to perform without the need to ship your instrument. See what you have been missing!

Want to upgrade to Kurzweil Sounds?

We don't blame you! Here are two alternatives to adding our newest KS sounds to your older instrument:

trapKAT 5KS

The 5KS Upgrade

Ship your instrument back to Alternate Mode for the ultimate retro-fitting:
  • Software chip upgrade to 5KS.
  • Preamp, volume controls, and ¼" stereo audio in and out added.
  • Kurzweil KS internal sound card installed.
  • Complete factory testing
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Purchase a GIGKAT sound module, and we will ship you the 5KS software chip for FREE. Your trapKAT User Kits will automatically display the names of the sounds - as if the sounds were built into the unit.

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