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Rim Mountable FSR Trigger

The eRim is an FSR trigger that attaches securely to the rim of any size drum. It does not attach to the tension rods on the drum, so it is easily removeable and avoids any tuning issues.

The advantage with FSR is that there is zero crosstalk interaction and superior dynamic range. This is a great addition to any acoustic drumset.

This product requires the inBOX or the DITI in order to function because the sensor needs power.

• The Aquarian inBOX™ powers the trigger sensor, converting hits to voltage. This enables you to plug the trigger into any of your favorite drum modules and sound sources that have trigger inputs.

• The other version is the DITI DIRECT. This configuration allows the trigger (or triggers) to plug directly into a DITI without the need for individual power sources. The DITI then allows the trigger to play individual sounds, chords, controller data and more.

For more information on the differences between the inBOX and DITI, click here.
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