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KAT Instrument Setups

Nick Apivor - Vancouver B.C. Canada


  • 2009 - Present

  • Equipment Used

  • malletKAT Pro
  • Roland SPD-20
  • Macbook Pro

  • Sound Sources/Modules

  • Roland SC-880
  • Korg X5

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    This photo was taken at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre in 2009 and I currently use this setup.

    I have refined my setup to this one where I am able to cover drum set and mallet parts for shows. Different sound modules are used with the malletKAT, currently a Roland SC-880. My audio is normally run through monitors in the pit and then into the house.

    My malletKat Pro has been invaluable to me in nearly every musical situation but particularly in music theatre pits. Generally for these type of theatre shows my sound needs are pretty minimal. I usually only need to cover mallet percussion like xylophone, vibes, glock, tubular bells, that's about it, so I use a basic sound module like a Roland SC880 or an old Korg X5. However, having the malletKAT means that I can cover all those pitched percussion instruments with one type of stick/mallet, so I'm able to play drum set as well. It would be literally impossible to do this without the malletKAT.

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