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I discovered the Malletkat in 2010 after having played diatonic marimbas for 5 years. The Malletkat was just what I was after, to challenge me more and teach me a chromatic instrument. I love the versatility of the Malletkat, which I play in combination with a sound module, iPad apps and a loop station, to enable me to create my own pieces on the fly.
I was very pleased to hear that Optimum Percussion started to represent Alternate Mode's Malletkat in Australia a couple of years after I purchased my Malletkat from the US, as dealing with someone in Australia was a lot easier for me. Optimum has been fantastic to deal with, especially when I needed some work done on the Malletkat in 2013.
I have used the Malletkat in a couple of musical projects I was involved with, including a project where I split the keyboard and 2 of us played a different sound on 2 octaves each (I own a 4 octave Malletkat Grand), but at the moment I just use it for my own project, Katalytic. I love the fact that I can be my own band and can rehearse at any time that suits me, create new music and break new barriers! I would highly recommend this incredibly versatile instrument to anyone and would recommend Optimum Percussion as the people to deal with.